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Chicken and Turkey Bacon Avocado Caesar Wraps

After a busy weekend with my parents visiting, wedding dress try ons and plenty of cheese and wine- I was unprepared for lunches this week. I took a look in my fridge and had leftover turkey bacon from brunch, half a loaf of sour dough and a head of romaine and knew these easy Chicken Caesar Wraps were a must!

I've posted this Avocado Caesar dressing before and I seriously make it on repeat. It takes two seconds and I always have the ingredients on hand. Simply toss it all in a blender, blend and you're done!

I always have labeled portions of chicken breast frozen to use at a moments notice, perfect for times like these! This makes it so much easier when I'm only serving a few people and don't want a whole 3 lb pack of chicken. I simply tossed the frozen chicken breasts in my instant pot with a splash of water, salt and pepper and cooked it for 20 minutes.

Perfectly shreddable chicken every time!

Once the chicken and dressing are prepped all that's left is assembly! I love to keep half as a salad and add half to the wrap, two meals in one.

Chicken and Turkey Bacon Avocado Caesar Wraps

4 caesar wraps | Prep time: 5 minutes (25 minutes if cooking chicken)

Notes: this dressing is delicious on EVERYTHING but especially this wrap. I love that it takes minimal ingredients and prep but you have a nutritious and unreal lunch in minutes.


  • Avocado Caesar Dressing (see below)

  • 9-12 oz or 2 cups precooked shredded chicken (12-16 oz raw chicken)

  • 4 slices turkey bacon (I used #traderjoes peppered turkey bacon), diced

  • 2-3 oz sour dough bread

  • 4 wraps (I use #tumaros multigrain wraps or #siete tortillas)

  • 2 hearts romaine lettuce, washed and chopped

  • 4 cups spinach, chopped


  1. Toast the sourdough bread. I simply placed them in a toaster to toast, the bread is in there as croutons for a crunch factor. Remove from toaster and use a knife to cut into cubes.

  2. Toss romaine and spinach with avocado caesar dressing. Divide into 4 salads. Top each salad with turkey bacon, shredded chicken and sour dough croutons.

  3. Transfer half or all (depending on tortilla size) of each salad into tortilla, fold the top and bottom in and start at one side and roll into a wrap.

  4. Use a sharp knife and cut the wrap into two halves. Enjoy!

  5. If prepping salads ahead of time, keep the dressing and croutons separate to avoid the lettuce and bread from getting soggy.


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Chicken and Turkey Bacon Avocado Caesar Wraps:

Avocado Caesar Dressing:


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