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Turkey Fig Jam and Brie Sandwich

This recipe was inspired by a sandwich I had at a local italian market. The ingredients were so simple I knew I had to recreate it. The best sandwiches are simple basic ingredients, the fewer the better. Here we used roast turkey breast, fig jam, caramelized onions, brie cheese and fresh sourdough bread.

For this recipe, I roasted my own turkey but good quality turkey from your local deli would make this entirely a no cook recipe! If you are interested in roasting your own, I recommend picking up some turkey tenderloins. I chose a rotisserie flavored tenderloin to give it that classic roast turkey flavor.

Keep the turkey seasoning plain because there's tons of flavor in the onions and fig jam!
Swipe for the sandwich that inspired this recipe!

I personally prefer this sandwich cold and the bread not toasted but on this particular night my sour dough wasn't ~day of~ fresh so I toasted it just a bit to breathe more life into it.

Hot or cold- you can't go wrong, it's entirely personal preference.

This is a great on-the-go sandwich because it can be made ahead of time and wrapped up. There are no egg products like mayonnaise that could bad quickly, lettuce that will wilt, tomatoes to make things soggy or any ingredients that need to be heated or kept crispy. No risk factors here, which I love! It would make for the perfect elevated picnic sandwich or work lunch! Simple and delicious.

It holds up really well and will be fine if prepped the night before!

A little goes a long way for the caramelized onions and fig jam flavors in this sandwich. Just a little smear of each and your sandwich will be bursting with flavor. I love the little bit of balsamic we add to our caramelized onions for another depth of flavor. It perfectly compliments the sweet fig jam.

I found my fig jam at #traderjoes. It's great on sandwiches, toast, yogurt bowls, ice cream or on a cheese board!

Turkey Fig Jam and Brie Sandwich

2 servings | Cook time: 25 minutes (for tenderloin), N/A for cold cuts


  • 4 slices sour dough bread

  • 6-8 oz turkey breast (can be store bought cold cuts or self roasted tenderloin)

  • 2 tbsp fig jam

  • 2 servings caramelized onions (see below)

  • 2 oz light brie



  1. Self roasted tenderloin: Use a turkey tenderloin, they typically come in different marinades (I used a rotisserie marinated one). Cook according to package (My preference is to grill but for this I broiled it for 25-30 minutes, rotating every 5 minutes until an internal temperature of 165F). Set aside to cool.

  2. Store bought: No prep required

  3. Caramelized onions: see below for recipe.


  1. Lay out sour dough bread.

  2. Smear on fig jam on all slices (this jam packs a lot of flavor so feel free to use more but I found just a little keeps it from overpowering the sandwich).

  3. Thinly slice the tenderloin (N/A if using cold cuts). Arrange turkey on 2 of the slices of sour dough.

  4. Scatter caramelized onions throughout (Again, I do not use much!! A little goes a long way for these guys I promise)

  5. Top with slices of brie (I thinly slice the brie triangle (cold), don’t worry about cutting off the outside.

  6. Secure the sandwich with the top slice of sourdough.

  7. Optional: You can toast this bread slightly until it just starts to get some color but I honestly prefer it cold. I toasted it this time because my sour dough was a day or two old and toasting brought it back to life.


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Nutrition Facts are provided as a guideline only. Exact nutrition will depend on quantity, brand and ingredients used. Nutrition facts provided for both sandwich and separate caramelized onion recipe. Caramelized onions included in sandwich nutrition.


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